The Hungry Herald is quite literally a labour of love.

We are Mike & Vee, a husband and wife team who once upon a time were two kids that met working in a restaurant. She was the hostess with the mostest and I was the bartender. I knew something was up when she started sneaking me little plates of illegal garlic mashed potatoes during our shift that the chef thought were for her. Oh yes, food was going to be a thing with us two.

We felt right away that the road to both of our hearts was through our stomachs, and let’s just say that we’ve been paving two-way highways for twenty-one years now. We have had the unbelievably good fortune of travelling far and wide, meeting fantastic people along the way, sharing and cooking untold sumptuous meals, and clinking too many glasses to count.
Whether lunching on bullfrog in Beijing, snacking on smoked eel in the countryside of Estonia, polishing off pork chops and Cristals on Havana’s Malecón, slamming away jenevers in Amsterdam’s oldest tasting room, or sharing a piping hot poutine on a city bench in our beloved Montreal, food and drink has always been our deal and we’re always hungry for more.
Along the road, we’ve often wondered what the story was behind whatever was dangling at the edge of our forks or swirling around in our glasses. Who devilled the first egg? How did doughnuts happen? What’s the history behind Lobster Thermidor? And what makes the Old Fashioned old-fashioned? These are the things that get us revving and we’re here to try to shed some light, in these trying times, on these not-so-pressing questions.
We are The Hungry Herald and we hope you enjoy.


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